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The serious games market is expected to register a CAGR of 20% during the forecast period, 2020-2025. With smartphones and tablets, the digital realm is expanding and smart developers are taking advantage of the technology boom. They are wisely creating simulation training apps that can be accessed on a variety of mobile devices.

– Enterprise gaming systems are expected to witness substantial growth during the forecast period. Organizations have shown a heavy inclination toward collaborative systems, which do not create a competitive environment, as they are widely considered counterproductive. For instance, Company successfully experimented with gaming to drive high-profiled leads. ​
– These systems are also used for employee training, like the use of gaming by SAP to educate their employees on sustainability. Advanced technologies are influencing the financial services industry to adopt serious gaming as well. The aim is to reduce complexity involved in simulation training across investment decision-making. This is made possible through making the offers and products intuitive.
– Furthermore, the application of such technology in the automotive industry and other industrial space for training purposes is also observed gaining traction. For instance, Diginext is offering VR/AR solutions for training technical personnel with VR technology.

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Key Market Trends

Learning and Education Application to Witness Significant Growth

– In the recent past years, digital games and simulations have gained popularity as the most powerful and highly engaging learning environment, even though the production of these serious games require complex and dynamic constructs with appropriate designs of multimodal context and engaging interactions, as well as productive pedagogical strategies to preserve the efficacy of learning.
– Grandel Games developed a serious game that achieves behavioral change. For instance, ‘Garfield’s Count Me In’ is designed for students in primary education, which allows them to do repetitive math exercises.
– Additionally, the governments across the world are also encouraging the adoption of serious games for the learning and education application. For instance, in September 2019, The University of Canterbury, New Zealand, announced to invest over USD 4.5 million, along with USD 3.2 million from the government, for the research on its new Applied Immersive Gaming Initiative. The initiative is aimed at providing assistance to tackle tasks that might otherwise be boring or difficult, such as learning at school, picking up virtual spiders, or practicing piloting skills.

Europe to Hold Significant Market Share

– Europe is expected to command a significant share of the global demand for serious gaming, and in the region, Western Europe is expected to command prominence over the forecast period, owing to the region’s share of spending on the advertising, retail, automotive, and healthcare industries.

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