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Space Foundation collaborates with Noosphere Venture Partners for a three-year initiative to support the yearly International Student Art competition

A Colorado-based non-profit organization, Space Foundation, has announced a three-year deal with Noosphere Venture Partners, a California financial services and asset management firm, to support the former’s annual International Student Art Contest. The competition attracts students worldwide who submit their art based on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

Students aged between three and eighteen years from nations such as Japan, United States, United Arab Emirates, China, India, and Malaysia have participated in this tournament, which kicked off in 2011. This contest equips students with creative and critical thinking skills and allows them to showcase and explore their talents in the space industry. “Space Foundation is grateful and excited to partner with Noosphere to take the International Student Art Contest to its next level of worldwide impact. Blending the arts, sciences, and imagination open up a wellspring of creativity for young people to explore how they see themselves in the global space ecosystem, “said Shelli Brunswick, chief operations officer at Space Foundation.

Noosphere Venture Partners is an asset management company dedicated to space-based initiatives. Through its subsidiary, Firefly Aerospace, the firm has sponsored this year’s International Student Art Contest to promote space and STEM awareness among students and teachers. “Today’s young people are tomorrow’s innovators, entrepreneurs, and leaders. With Noosphere’s support, the International Student Art Contest can celebrate students and inspire even more of them to reach for the stars,” added Brunswick.

Under the leadership of its managing partner, Dr. Max Polyakov, Noosphere Venture is carrying out a Dedicated Research and Education Accelerator Mission (DREAM), a global contest to host academic and educational payloads as rideshare participants on the Firefly’s inaugural mission, the Firefly Alpha spacecraft.

“The goals of the International Art Contest align with the Noosphere theory, initially promoted by celebrated academician Volodymyr Vernadsky, which considers the human mind and knowledge to be driving forces of development and the most valuable resources for the preservation of the planet,” said Dr. Polyakov.

“By instilling younger generations with a love and understanding of space and STEM, humanity will be better equipped to tackle the challenges facing the Earth,” added Polyakov. Parents, guardians, and teachers will help the student submit their artwork online. The winning pieces are displayed at the Space Foundation’s Discovery Center in Colorado and the annual Space Symposium. The best artwork is also posted on the organization’s website and social media pages.

The top 25 winning pieces are selected from the pool of submissions. The best, first runners up and second runners up positions are awarded. The best overall artist receives the Space Foundation Achievement Award. The submission and participation are free.

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