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RUAG Space is nearing the 1,000-satellite mark

RUAG Space ((Bern, Switzerland), a vendor to the space sector and a company that makes comprehensive use of the carbon fiber composites, announced on August 22 that a further 34 OneWeb internet satellites had been detached from a Soyuz launch vehicle and positioned in orbit with the dispenser from RUAG Space. According to RUAG Space, the company has already successfully launched 997 satellites into orbit, putting the Swiss-centered space supplier nearer to its goal of separating 1,000 satellites.

“This is a significant accomplishment that demonstrates the exceptional skills we have in the satellite separation,” said Holger Wentscher, RUAG Space’s vice president of product group launchers.

Separation systems from the RUAG Space are manufactured at the company’s facility in Linköping, Sweden. Similarly, the dispenser, which is also developed by RUAG Space, allows for the separation of many satellites in a specified order to achieve the desired orbit. “For us, each separation is a momentous accomplishment. We are capable of providing 100 percent reliability and meeting customer expectations in the severe environment of space,” Wentscher explains.

RUAG Space claims to be the world’s leading provider of satellite separation systems for commercial launch vehicles. During the difficult journey into space, “our separation mechanisms ensure that the satellite as well as rocket remain firmly attached to one another, and then transfer the valuable payloads into the orbit with pinpoint accuracy,” explains Andreas Jonsson, the facility manager in Linköping.

As a consequence of a lengthy and trusted relationship with NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA), as well as an increasingly sophisticated position in the commercial space business in recent years, the company says that all the 997 satellite separations have indeed been completed successfully. “We are the market leaders in the commercial sector, and we supply all of the world’s biggest launchers with technology for launching satellites of various sizes,” says Jonsson.

For the past 40 years, RUAG Space has been researching, developing, and manufacturing Payload Adapter Systems. “It has been a long period during which we have gained a great deal of experience and supplied our solutions to an ever-increasing number of customers,” adds Jonsson. “We are continually striving to improve and develop new items. Our newest innovation, the Soft Separation System, makes existing separation systems usable for next-generation satellites that have greater performance and reduced shock.” RUAG Space is the major supplier of technologies to the space sector in Europe, and the company’s foothold in the United States is steadily expanding.

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