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EnfraGen, LLC and Glenfarne Group, LLC to collaborate in helping the former expanding its renewables business in Chile

ByAdam Kowalski

Mar 23, 2021

EnfraGen, LLC is an owner of several assets in Latin America, which it also operates and develops. The assets revolve around grid stability and specialized power that’s both renewable and sustainable. Partners Group that’s a giant private markets company owns the assets on behalf of its customers. The recent announcement says that EnfraGen, LCC, and Glenfarne Group, LCC, will expand their renewables business. All that will come about by investing in new ventures, including assets of solar energy generation.

Consequently, the leadership of EnfraGen in the infrastructure market and energy transition will also improve. With the help of both Glenfarne Group and Partners Group. The renewable energy footprint of EnfraGen footprint will grow, no doubt. EnfraGen evasion in Chile has already started since it has already acquired three operational solar photovoltaic (PV) projects. They have a capacity of 9 MW. Equally important, it has received ten solar PV projects that, despite not functional, are ready for construction. It is doing all that through a particular division of the firm, Fontus Renewables.

It turns out that EnfraGen will not be constructing the ten projects alone. That’s following the signing of EPC contracts with Metka and Elecnor S.A. Other involved parties are the companies’ Chilean subsidiaries, namely Metka EGN Chile SpA and Elecnor Chile SA, respectively. Upon their completion, it will mean an additional 90 MW to EnfraGen’s renewable energy portfolio. It is also important to note that the total capacity of its portfolio will rise to 125 MW. Since they will be PMG/PMGD, they will be eligible for the Chilean stabilized power price era. Since the firm already has an outstanding business in the renewable energy sector, Fontus Renewables, the projects will be an addition to the existing business.

According to Fontus Renewables, Head of Solar Brendan Wolters, Chile has one of the world’s greatest potentials for generating solar photovoltaic power. Equally important, it has policies that are in favor of its advancement. He added that the company is banking on its capabilities and expertise in the sector and Chile. He said that the firm is glad to play a role in the renewable energy transition in Chile.

On the other hand, Partners Group managing director in charge of Private Infrastructure Americas Ed Diffendal applauded EnfraGen for its continuous growth. Its growth is evident in assets revolving around grid stability and renewable power. He adds it takes pride in the immense transformation that the transformation has experienced over the period. Equally important, the company is willing to support EnfraGen whenever a need arises.

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