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Reina Sofia will enter seven million euros less in 2020

ByKarol Kowalski

Nov 21, 2020

The Reina Sofía Museum will stop earning about seven million euros when the end of 2020, The institution assures this newspaper that it expects a cut in its own income of 60%, compared to the 11.

The museum has included in the annual account for the year 2019, published in the BOE, an analysis of the consequences of the health crisis of covid-19 and advances that the effects on visitor demand, supply and internal organization “are they will be aggravated by the economic crisis that Spain is going to go through in the coming months ”.

The exhibition dedicated to Piet Mondrian , inaugurated a week ago, has returned the rows of visitors at the gates of the institution, but with the entries reduced to five euros “it is not expected that the forecast of losses will change,” explain sources from the institution.

These suffered “a significant reduction” during the first half of 2020.

In the first quarter of the previous year, the museum obtained income from ticket sales of 950,478 euros and in the same period of the 2020 financial year, 840,830 euros were obtained.

With the entry into force of the state of alarm “this reduction in income was accentuated.

” And from March 11 to June 5, no income was obtained ; In the same period of 2019, the museum received 1.

3 million euros at the box office More than 400,000 euros have also been lost in space rental.

For the concessions of merchandising sales services , bookstore, restaurants and vending machines, the center has lost almost 1.

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