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Exhibition Of Laziness Arts Have Been a Unique After 2001

ByKarol Kowalski

Feb 24, 2021

The exhibition presents a fiction where the waste of time and contemplation contribute to the common good and the idea of ​​work as a form of subsistence and that of growth as the only possible way forward is questioned.

Between both walls, the work of Ignasi Aballí ‘Malgastar’ (2001), 19 large buckets of paint that has dried -although 20 years later its characteristic smell is still perceived-. With the money they gave him for an exhibition, he bought as much as he could but “while he was thinking about how to use it” it was useless: the piece “puts reflection before action, restraint over expression”, he pointed out.

The tour, which is part of the program with emerging curators, also takes a look, Escudero alerts, to “an immediate future in which many jobs will be lost, 50%, due to the advance of automation, leaving for the way to millions of long-term unemployed “. ” We must rethink how to better distribute wealth so as not to end up being a poor and sick society, where work is always linked to wages. ”

Against this background, we appreciate the city proposal of the Dutch Constant with a new model of playful and creative life with a significant decrease in work, but also the video of Priscila Fernandes: the world as a fantastic place where food and leisure abound and where you don’t need to work. “It is the biblical idea of ​​paradise, compared to the condemnation of work outside of it,” says the commissioner.

Before the screen, four loafers would invite the visitor to sit down if we were not in the covid era, and to relax before those images of the mythical “country of Jauja “.

And put to surrender to laziness, the conceptual artist Esther Ferrer also invites you to sit in her simple ‘Zaj Chair’ (1974) from the poster pasted on the back that warns: “until death do you part” . “It refers to the pause and rest, but today we can think that also sitting down, but with a mobile phone, we would continue producing and working”, predicts the commissioner.

In that need for pause and relaxation, the last room of ‘Sooooo Lazy’ allows you to mentally escape “from everyday schizophrenia” relying on two lonely eyelashes that encourage you to close your eyes from the ground, the work of Camila Cañeque, and, through a QR, getting lost in a desirable desert beach.

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