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The HI-SEAS NASA relativity space teams celebrating International Women’s Day

ByAdam Kowalski

Mar 9, 2021

Relativity quickly became a major player in the commercial space industry over the last year. Founded in 2016, the company has raised funding of over $45 million. The company already has several workspaces in Los Angeles and is currently testing the Aeon engine using NASA‘s Stennis Space Center in Mississippi.

From now on, 124 rocket explosions have been performed by Relativity in an attempt to initiate the first rocket by 2020. Relativity has the biggest 3D metal printer, a computer that can produce pieces up to 20 feet high and 10 feet wide, at the Los Angeles headquarters. The team built this printer out of the ground, which means you can scale it up if needed. It is called Stargate. Ellis says the team will  manufacture about 95 percent of the rocket through 3D print automation by depending on printers like those. The last 5% still needs human work. Most of this human activity would focus on testing, delivery, and manual assembling in very limited quantities.

On the other hand, relativity Space is celebrating International Women’s Day (March 8) and Women’s History Month with a new video that highlights a team of all-female analog astronauts. The latest film, Relativity Space today, emphasizes the crew and launch of Sensoria M2, the second all-woman mission in October 2020 at the HI-SEAS habitat. It took place in January 2020 on the first such mission, Sensoria M1.

The video includes the Sensoria M2 crew: Michaela Musilova, mission commander and director of the HI-SEAS and the Moonbase International Alliance; the artist, curator, and gallery designer Richelle Gribble; Amanda Knutson, a senior airman at the United States Air Force; the vet, microbiologist and musician Dr. Brandy Nunez; and Beth Mund, science communicator and host of “Casual Space Podca; The six crew members, who are now analog astronauts, spent two weeks at the HI-SEAS habitat living and functioning as if they were on Mars.

On analog tasks, crew members complete basic experiments, perform space travel, and act as a team to address the problems in the analog Mars climate. A statement found in one of the images, at relativity, their mission is to foster a society that values diversity, inclusion to include and celebrate a diverse representation of races, genders, and viewpoints, diversity, and equality are built into our company’s DNA.

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