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Satellogic is growing to attract the interests of the national security market

ByAdam Kowalski

Mar 13, 2021

Satellogic has discovered that the best market it can serve is the national security agencies. The earth observation satellite company is keen to attract the eyes of the government market, according to Matthew Turman, the chief of the company’s branch in North America. The company has been serving the United States market and other global entities after its establishment over one decade ago.

Tirman explained that the company had witnessed considerable growth, although the most profitable market is defense and intelligence. This executive has worked in one of the government’s utilities at Descartes Labs and has understood the essence of working with the government in this industry.

Satellogic is eyeing the privileges enjoyed by BlackSky, Maxar, Planet, and Airbus in the satellite imagery market. The company wants to offer similar services, hyperspectral imagery, and full-motion video from the outer expanse to meet the demands of the defense and intelligence units.

Currently, the company has 13 satellites offering high-resolution imagery and plans on rolling out other four via SpaceX’s Transporter-2 mission. Tirman announced that they penned a contract with SpaceX from which they intend to gain significantly by deploying payloads that they couldn’t afford if they decided to embark on the projects alone.  Tirman added that the company is preparing to position a 300-satellite constellation through the next four years to demonstrate the appearance of the globe on a weekly basis. Nevertheless, the company is still struggling to raise funds to ensure that this plan becomes a success.

Tirman revealed that the hyperspectral satellite imagery technology is in its terminal stages and will be rolled out before the end of this year. This technology is crucial to the agricultural industry, although it is becoming more needful in the defense and intelligence units to evaluate global trends like economic transitions.

Additionally, the company offers a one-minute motion video for any part of the globe, which is crucial for people observing the concentration of debris in the ocean. Currently, the leading customer for satellite imagery is the National Reconnaissance Office. Tirman hinted that they would be initiating talks with both NRO and NASA. NASA requires this data to predict the climate change that will characterize particular areas and provide the data to the concerned parties.

Moreover, Satellogic is planning on creating a subscription plan for customers who plan on hiring their services. This move will enable them to utilize the IoT or AIS sensors to test their service delivery and customer satisfaction. Tirman added that the company has been conducting research for the last decade, hoping to come and cover enough ground for acceptance by the national security entities.

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